Next-Generation Handheld Imager

Ideal Union of Image Quality, Penetration, Ergonomics and Safety. Automatic Lead-Trap Identification. New Engineered Detector and Upgradeable Higher Energy. Integrates with Osprey Under-Vehicle Scanner.


With 1,000 units sold, the HBI-120 has been the world leader in handheld backscatter x-ray imaging

Pb200i XRFTM

Lead Analyzer

Replace, don’t resource your lead paint gun
Faster inspections, quicker reporting, and lower long-term cost of ownership


Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier

Portable, lightweight, low-profile and configurable vehicle barrier to thwart vehicle-based terrorism at outdoor, public gatherings.


Under-Vehicle X-Ray Vehicle Imager

Under-vehicle x-ray imager for high throughput drug interdiction. The only technology available for comprehensive under (and lower) vehicle interrogation.