VIKEN’s Lead Paint Analyzer Approved by US NRC for Use without Licensing

VIKEN’s lead paint analyzer meets the NRC’s highest standards of safety for use by members of the public without any additional licensing controls. With the exemption, our customers can now save on costly and time-consuming licensing and reciprocity fees and are no longer required to perform routine leak testing.

Borderlands: Odyssey Logistics expands into Laredo

Leidos is providing the company’s VACIS IP6500 MEP, which is integrated with Viken Detection’s Oprey-EVX, a low-energy backscatter imaging technology. Viken’s Osprey-UVX under-vehicle X-ray imaging system will also be available.

Latest Coverage of Viken's VALOR Program

The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office reported at least 15 fatal drug overdoses this year. Now the department is one of five across the country with new crime fighting technology geared towards battling the opioid epidemic. It’s a device from Viken Detection, a Massachusetts based company.

Fox News: New border technology helps spot illegal smuggling

A new piece of x-ray technology may help prevent illegal drug and gun smuggling at the U.S.-Mexico border. Security company Viken Detection created a handheld and under vehicle x-ray system that scans vehicles for hidden cash, drugs, and weapons. Officers with the Neuces County District Attorney’s Criminal Interdiction Unit say it helps save time, money, and officers lives.