Border crossings to get more high-tech inspection devices in 2020


EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) — America’s southern ports of entry -- long the principal gateway for illegal drugs — will be getting more technology in 2020.

The federal government has awarded a Massachusetts company a contract to install four undercarriage X-ray scanners at two South Texas ports of entry early next year.

...Viken Detection of Burlington, Mass., had been providing handheld X-ray scanners known as the HBI-120 to CBP and to various law-enforcement agencies before it was awarded a contract recently for new undercarriage X-ray scanners known as Osprey-UVX.

“When a car drives over the system, the Osprey-UVX allows them to see through the undercarriage of a vehicle safely in under one minute. The undercarriage is a common hiding spot for drugs and other contraband, yet until now there wasn’t a way to reliably search it,” said Jim Ryan, CEO of Viken Detection.

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