Heuresis Corp. conceives, develops, and markets innovative handheld instrumentation for the Safety & Security and Lead Inspection markets.  Our products are engineered for ease of use, rapid deployment, and flexible integration no matter the CONOPS (concept of operation).

Whether your focus is on Customs and Border Protection, international, regional or local  counternarcotics, highway drug interdiction, or tactical operations associated with the execution of search warrants, the HBI-120 backscatter x-ray imager provides you with “x-ray vision” to find hidden contraband in vehicle concealments, known as “traps” or “hides,” including drugs in gas tanks and tires; behind fenders and other car panels, inside walls and HVAC ducts; above ceilings and below floors; in airplanes and boats; and in various consumer and industrial products including narcotics hidden inside fire extinguishers and air compressors.  X-ray scans taken with the HBI-120 identify organic anomalies in real time, providing officers and agents the opportunity to seize concealed contraband with unprecedented speed.  Types of organic material easily imaged by the HBI-120 include:

  • Narcotics, including heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, oxycodone, and more
  • Cash, bearer bonds, and other monetary instruments
  • Bulk Cash Smuggling
  • Bulk explosives, including C-4, PETN, RDX, and black powder

And if your mission is focused on combatting the epidemic of childhood lead (Pb) poisoning as part of a CLPPP (Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program), or as a private inspector, the Pb200i is a giant leap forwards in lead paint inspection technology.  As the only XRF analyzer with a PCS (Performance Characteristic Sheet) issued in the last five years, the Pb200i provides you with the opportunity to upgrade this critical equipment that supports your efforts to eliminate childhood lead poisoning.  Risk assessors can analyze dust wipes and soil samples on site for screening hazards in near real time to supplement the immediate results obtained from this rugged handheld XRF analyzer.  And productivity is greatly enhanced when performing surface-by-surface inspections to identify whether lead-based paint exists in a home or other child-occupied facility.  So whether you’re focus is to identify lead-based paint (LBP) for a HUD-compliant lead inspection, or worker protection associated with OSHA compliance at a chemical plant or other commercial or industrial facility, you now have real options instead of being stuck having to resource your obsolete XRF analyzer.  The Pb200i is:

  • Lightning-fast for lead paint inspections
  • A rugged XRF analyzer designed to survive the hazards of field inspection
  • Flexible, allowing you to test soil and dust for lead hazards